Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Projects

I've been working on a couple of short comics for various anthologies. This is a page from one of those comics, where I'm trying to push myself stylistically. I can't tell if I pushed too hard, but it's fun to work outside my comfort zone a little.

Of course, Matt and I are also working on Expansion #3, (the final installment) which will be 57 pages! More than twice the length of #2.


Translation Page said...

Hey I like this a lot.
keep pushing.

Sam Spina said...

do you think you're going to put all the expansion books together in the end?

Malachi Ward said...

Erik: Thanks! Also, I think we're all going to eat some vegan ice cream soon.

Sam: If someone wants to publish Expansion as a book, we'll do it. If we were to do it as a book, the first part would be completely redrawn and rewritten!

Herr Gilke said...


Anonymous said...

yea, Malachi, this is cool. Since I'm in school and stuff, I'm more inclined than I probably should be to demand all of your future comics emerge from this very fresh and awesome use of yer materials.