Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cut Comics

I've been reworking a long-form comic called River Rock. In the process there were a few pages that I cut out from the comic. You can read all of them below. I hope you like scrolling.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

APE Report

My second A.P.E. was a lot of fun. I met lots of great comics folk. I picked up more comics than I usually do:

The top row, from left to right:
Ochre Ellipse #3 by Jonas Madden-Connor
Doppelgänger by Tom Neely

Second row:
Cora by Ted Mathot
Lose #2 by Michael DeForge
Scaffold by Victoria Graham & Jesse Eisenhower
Tent Sale by Ian Jones-Quartey

Third row
Everything Unseen by Drew Beckmeyer
Duncan The Wonderdog by Adam Hines
Baba Yaga And The Wolf by Marek Colek & Pat Shewchuk
Otherkinds by Emily C. Martin

Fourth row
Significant Cities by Jonathan Zajdman
Crime World by David King
Elf World #1 by various artists, published by Family Style
Name-Dropping Self-Congratulating Blabfest by Brianna Harden
Trigger #2 by Mike Bertino

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Expansion Part One Finished!

The first part of Expansion is done just in time for A.P.E.! Matt Sheean and I will be selling it at booth 130, so stop by! You can also purchase it in the "My Comics" section of the right hand sidebar on this website.