Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ROM #1 / Utu Page 2

Here's another commission, this time for the cover of ROM Space Knight #1, originally drawn by Sal Buscema. This is the $50 level, by the way, but on July 9th it's going to be raised!

This is page two from my first comic, Utu. To see details of the page, and to see other original drawings for sale, go to my etsy page.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Zeppelin Stories / Alien Juicers

First, one of the commissions from the Malachi Ward Pledge Drive:

Second, I added another original drawing to the etsy page:

Lastly, the commission prices are pretty low right now, but they're going to go up to something a little more respectable in two weeks (That's Friday July 9th) so if you want the best deal, act now!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Malachi Ward Pledge Drive

Funds at the Malachi Ward Complex are getting low, so I thought I might offer my services as an artist for hire. To make things easier I made three commission levels with some examples. So if you want a crazy drawing of something, I think I've got some pretty good deals.

The $100 Level
An 8.5x11 tight ink drawing on thick vellum paper. Like this, my version of the cover of Red Sonja #4:

The $75 Level
An 8.5x11 ink sketch on regular paper. Like this, a drawing of Nightcrawler:

The $20 Level
An 8.5x5.5 ink sketch on regular paper. Like this, a drawing of a scene from The Coen Brother's 2001 movie The Man Who Wasn't There:

I'm also putting up original drawings and pages at different prices over at my Etsy shop. Like this, the cover of Utu, my first comic, for only $100:

If you don't like using Etsy or Paypal, send me an email and we'll do something else. Also, if you want something more elaborate or different than the three levels I set up, send me an email. To do a commission just pick your level over on the sidebar! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Smoke Signal #5

I've got a comic in the fifth issue of Smoke Signal! I'm surrounded by incredible and superior artists such as Gabrielle Bell, Vanessa Davis, Tom Gauld, Lisa Hanawalt, Leah Hayes, Sam Henderson, Michael Kupperman, Tim Lane and Ben Marra. If you live in New York you can pick a copy up for free from Desert Island. If you live anywhere else you just go here and pay a measly $3 shipping for 32 newspaper pages of greatness.