Friday, April 8, 2011


Expansion Part Two is being finished up just in time for Stumptown. Here's a page!


damon said...


Anonymous said...

Just read Part 1, looking forward to Part 2. Can you recommend any other graphic novels/comics with the same mysterious sci-fi feel?

Malachi Ward said...

Damon - Thanks!

Anonymous - I really love Simon Roy's comics. Here's a link to his book Jan's Atomic Heart:

Another fantastic sci-fi comic is Death Day by Sam Hiti:

Of course my other comics, The Scout and Utu, are science fiction as well. You can't blame me for being a salesman can you?

Anonymous said...

I have Utu and the Scout as well. I really like both... I liked that The Scout reminded me of the movie Moon. Thanks for the tip on Simon Roy I will definitely check that out. And please keep up the great work! I want to buy!